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Forex Trading versus the Currency Futures Market
11 October, 2005

Find out the difference between the Forex trading market and the currency futures market, and get the advantages and disadvantages of each market

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Forex trading Vs Equities
03 October, 2005

Learn the difference between participating in Forex trading and in trading equities. Here we examine the unique advantages of the Forex trading market.

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Interest increase pushes the dollar further up
24 September, 2005

The dollar continues to rise back to its pre-Katrina highs as the Fed increases the interest rates ones again. The Federal Reserve has raised the dollar interest rate once again, the 11th time since June 2004, in a quarter of a percentage point. The raise shows that the Federal Reserve is confide ...

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Yen rises versus euro
14 September, 2005

The Yen reached a two week high on Monday after Koizumi's swapping victory on Sunday's election. Although last week's trade has marked the Yen rising and although most traders speculated that Koizumi will win the election, the overwhelming victory came as a surprise. Koizumi's party has one 296 si ...

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Katrina dollar affects
08 September, 2005

There's one thing that bothers all forex traders around the world – how will hurricane Katrina affect the US dollar? At first the dollar moved as predicted – down, but as more accurate estimations of the financial damage appeared the dollar rebounded back. It seems that currently no one can pr ...

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